Spray painting

Painting steel structures is one of the basic elements of anti-corrosion and Malcon services.

It protects all constructions of this type, against the inevitable passage of time and deterioration, which are influenced by external and internal factors. In addition, proper painting of steel can change the look of any construction, giving it a completely new and above all attractive appearance. Malcon specializes in services in the field of painting steel structures. We paint carefully using modern techniques that guarantee perfect coverage of steel surfaces of various types. Spray painting and a wide range of additional services are our specialty. Check today why you should take advantage of our offer. Learn how effective and durable are the methods of painting the steel we offer. Get to know all the effects of our services that ensure durability and satisfaction for many years.

Spray painting of steel structures

Steel structures deteriorate over time, which is influenced by many environmental factors, such as moisture. As a result of the degradation process, there are numerous impurities, rust or cavities on the painting surface. In order to protect steel structures against corrosion, paint is commonly used. Malcon offers spray painting of steel structures. The method we work with guarantees perfect coverage of the structure with a paint coat on each element. We use only high quality paint coatings, which we select individually for each structire. For this purpose, we use specialized equipment of the highest class. We provide the highest quality spray painting:

  • Painting all surfaces, even those with an irregular shape
  • Accurate coverage of the entire surface of steel structures
  • High efficiency and low service costs
  • Effective anti-corrosion protection
  • A large selection of paint types
  • Dustless of the painting process
  • Compliance with applicable environmental standards for steel structures

We ensure the best execution of every paint job commissioned to us, taking into account all customer’s needs and requirements. For painting, we use the RAL colors, the digital markings correspond to different colors. The customer can choose any color from a wide range, while the price of painting depends on the color chosen.

About painting of steel construction

Malcon uses professional equipment and professional staff for steel structure painting services. Spray painting, consists of such stages as:

  • Cleaning steel structures with signs of corrosion, i.e. removing rust and sediment
  • Washing steel surface and degreasing
  • Painting elements cleaned with primer paint
  • Proper spray painting

We offer painting with a spray gun that quickly and efficiently covers every surface. We provide extraordinary accuracy, diligence and efficiency of our service. Every detail is very important to us, so we care about the quality of our work. We paint steel structures in accordance with the applicable PN-EN ISO 12944-2 standard, which presents categories of atmospheric corrosivity:

  • C1 – very low corrosivity
  • C2 – low corrosivity
  • C3 – average corrosivity
  • C4 – high corrosivity
  • C5 – very high corrosivity

As well as categories of water and soil corrosivity:

  • Im 1 – fresh water
  • Im 2 – salt water
  • Im 3 – ground

We choose a painting system that corresponds to a given standard, which allows us to better plan the whole painting of a given structure with more accuracy. Malcon uses the highest quality guns that will cover every element, even the most demanding construction. By choosing our services, the customer chooses the quality, precision and experience that distinguishes us.

Painting steel structures price list

The price list of services that we offer depends on many factors, such as the size of the structure, the type of work, the selected RAL color, the terms of the order or the type of the object itself. We analyze each service of the construction painting service individually. On the basis of the information obtained, we present the customer with a quote and set all the details of the task to meet the highest requirements. Are you interested in our steel constructions painting service? Do you want to find out what the price would be? Contact us and we will adjust the price for the order and present you with the details of the offer. Call or write to us, and you will find that we offer attractive prices, guaranteeing the steel structure painting services of top quality, based on the professional skills of our specialists.

Fire-proof steel constructions

Steel constructions require protection against fire. Steel is a non-flammable material, but under the influence of very high temperature it loses its load capacity. Steel structures are thus exposed to high temperatures in the event of a fire. For protective purposes, we use fire protection. Thanks to fire-proofing steel constructions, we can ensure durability and safety of use. We offer solutions that allow you to get a high class of fire resistance. Malcon offers effective protection that protects fire-proof steel constructions. Our fire-resistant showers ensure that our clients’ steel structures are:

  • incombustible
  • non-toxic
  • protected against corrosion
  • easy to use

Additional services in our offer

Malcon also offers additional services in the field of steel constructions. Painting steel structures includes not only large objects, but also pipelines and columns. We offer attractive prices for painting steel structures of various shapes and sizes. We can offer painting poles or painting steel pipes. We are open to any challenges. Painting steel, even one with an unusual form, is not a problem for us. We approach every order professionally, also providing additional services in the field of steel constructions.

We offer painting of high voltage poles, steel towers, masts or other structures consisting of steel elements. Feel free to contact us to get all the information regarding prices for our services in the field of painting steel structures.

Malcon offers a wide range of services in the context of painting steel structures. Our prices are fully adequate to the quality of services that represent high level, precision, aesthetics and a guarantee of protection against corrosion or fire. Our additional services allow you to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by spray painting with a gun. Check our price list – painting steel constructions and see for yourself. Do not hesitate – contact Malcon and trust those who are perfectly familiar with demanding paintjobs of oddly shaped objects and other steel elements. Join a wide group of satisfied customers.