Shot blasting

The most popular method of cleaning steel structures. Otherwise known as abrasive blast cleaning, it is extremely thorough and effective.

The Malcon company is made up of professionals dealing in anti-corrosion protection and their main task is perfect surface preparation. We offer you a guarantee of efficiency and satisfaction by blasting steel and steel structures up to Sa 3 class. Why should you use our services? What is shot blasting?

Shot blasting classes

We choose a class of shot blast cleaning that suits the needs of a given, corroded surface. We clean steel to meet all the requirements of an individual customer. Shot blasting is divided into classes that meet the requirements for specific surfaces and present the degree of purification. Malcon offers shot blasting in such classes as:

Sa 1 class

coarse abrasive blast cleaning, which removes all foreign contamination, paint coating, rust and greasy stains.

Sa 2 class

thorough grinding, which removes all foreign impurities, paint coating, rust and greasy stains, but where minor contamination is acceptable.

Sa 2.5 class

more thorough abrasive blasting that removes all foreign contamination, paint coating, rust and greasy stains. It only allows small spots in the form of dots or strips.

Sa 3 class

shot blasting for steel that up to purely metallic standard, which removes all foreign contamination, paint coating, rust and greasy stains until a smooth surface with a uniform metallic color is obtained. The effect is obtained on new steel elements.

What is the shot blasting?

Blast cleaning means removing impurities from steel or any steel constructions. Malcon offers this service, during which we use abrasive material and a proper stream of compressed air hit the processed surface, which removes dirt, rust, traces of oil, grease and paint coatings. For blasting we use materials such as sand, gravel, glass or water.

The most popular method we use is blast cleaning using iron chippings. We ensure not only thorough cleaning of the surface of any impurities, but also its perfect smoothing. This process is necessary to begin the next stage which is spray painting.

We perform our services professionally, based on four cleaning classes. We adjust the abrasive medium and the entire cleaning technique to the surface profile of the steel. We properly protect the given structure or the steel element, including all openings that could penetrate into it.

We use top of the line equipment, taking care of every detail of the service. We are one of the few companies that offer you the option of abrasive blasting to the Sa 3 class, thanks to the use of special technology abrasive material.

We operate quickly, efficiently and effectively. Our company operates around the clock, 3 shifts, thanks to which the delivery of steel elements or steel structures entrusted to us is as short as possible. Our quality control ensures that all products from returning from our company meet the highest criteria and the customer is always satisfied with the cooperation.

Malcon offer

Steel structure cleaning services, stainless steel cleaning and steel shot blasting at the highest level of professionalism. We work on high-end equipment, which thanks to the use of special proprietary abrasive medium in the form of sharp broken shot provides long-lasting effects of our services. We offer four types of shot blasting in a wide range of precision classes, which we adapt to the given structure and our customer’s needs.

We choose only modern solutions based on efficiency and effectiveness. We develop cleaning techniques to meet the expectations of industry in its broad sense. See how effective our methods are and what you can gain by using our offer of steel structure cleaning. Get to know Malcon’s full capabilities in modern steel cleaning and maintenance methods. Don’t hesitate and contact us today.

śrutowanie - czyszczenie strumieniowo ścierne wjazd

Shot blasting – why choose Malcon?

By proper jet cleaning, we guarantee that your steel elements end up with a smooth surface free from rust and other contaminants for a long time. We offer cleaning of steel structures with maximum dimensions of:

  • Length up to 12.000 mm
  • Height up to 2.900 mm
  • Width up to 4.000 mm
  • Weight up to 8.000 kg

Stainless steel Cleaning

Malcon also offers shot blasting for stainless steel. This method is used everywhere where corrosion protection becomes extremely important. Stainless steel, despite its anti-corrosion properties, is exposed to other contaminants, therefore it needs cleaning just like elements made of traditional steel.

Malcon offers professional stainless steel cleaning services. Our services allow you to prepare steel for further treatments, such as applying protective coatings. After blasting, the steel structure surfaces are ready for the first layer of varnish coating. The whole process guarantees zero defects of protective coatings.

The frequency of cleaning stainless steel depends on its use. The most popular, recommended stainless steel cleaning methods are:

  • Alcohol-based preparations that do not affect the anti-corrosion properties of steel
  • Soap water, suitable for removing greasy stains from oil or grease
  • Specialized chemicals for cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel
  • Acids and appropriate mechanical methods, necessary for permanent soiling
  • Dry polishing, used for discoloration and dust that occurs during the operation of stainless steel.

We successfully use shot blasting in various industrial applications, so we would like to encourage you to take advantage of Malcon’s services.