Sandblasting of metal and steel constructions

Environmental factors damage metals, which is why our services make it possible to keep them in the best condition and prepare for further protective and strengthening procedures.

We specialize in blast cleaning of all steel surfaces. We offer services at the highest quality level, using top of the line equipment. We take care of the timeliness and effectiveness of our services, so we encourage you to take advantage of our offer for sandblasting metals and steel constructions.

Sandblasting of steel construction

Sand blasting of steel structures means thorough cleaning and transformation of steel surfaces with the use of appropriate abrasive materials. We guarantee the best sanding effects, i.e. even surfaces with proper roughness, which allows further actions, such as painting. The roughness that we get by sand blasting provides a suitable surface for painting. Our method provides protection against the harmful effects of weather conditions.

We use sand particles that, under pressure, hit the surface of a given metal or steel structure. The sand we use in the blasting process is thoroughly cleaned.

What gives the sanding process?

We recommend the sandblasting process because this method provides:

  • Effective cleaning of steel structures from rust, other impurities and old paint coatings
  • Creating surface roughness
  • Smoothing and polishing the surface
  • High quality of service
  • Raising the aesthetic values of the structure

Sand reaches every crevice, even hard to reach spots, thanks to which the surface is perfectly prepared for the application of paint coatings.

What is sandblasting of metal / steel structures?

The entire sanding process we offer consists of several important stages. We pay utmost attention to ensure professionalism to each of them. We perform every service efficiently, focusing on the highest quality.

Sandblasting step by step:

  • Securing the structure and ensuring work safety, through scaffolding or harness assembly (necessary for large objects and working at heights)
  • Clean the surface of rust and other impurities with sand, which acts as abrasive, using compressed air
  • Protection of the cleaned surface for painting

Sanding roughness classes

There are four classes of sandblasting, from the lowest Sa 1 class to the highest Sa 3. These classes provide the appropriate roughness, required for painting specific steel structures. We offer such sanding classes as:

  • Sa 1 – trough abrasive blasting – removes any foreign contamination, paint coating, rust and greasy stains.
  • Sa 2 – through abrasive blasting – removes all foreign contamination, paint coating, rust and greasy stains, but where minor contamination is acceptable.
  • Sa 2,5 – even more thorough blasting – removes any foreign contamination, paint coating, rust and greasy stains. It only allows small spots left over
  • Sa 3 – blast cleaning for steel that is purely metallic – removes all foreign contamination, paint coating, rust and greasy stains, until a smooth surface with a uniform metallic color is obtained. The effect is possible only with new steel elements..

Health and safety principles when sanding steel constructions

Malcon cares for safety during provision of services, therefore all treatments meet health and safety standards. We use only the highest quality material, such as purified sand, which does not harm the health of our specialists. We use special protective clothing and we care for proper ventilation of rooms in which sandblasting takes place. We take care of health and safety at work.

What is the difference between sandblasting and shot blasting?

In the case of sandblasting, the role of abrasive is sand, which is directed to the cleaned surface under appropriate pressure . This is the best method of removing rust. Shot blasting, which we also have in our offer, is similar to sandblasting. The difference is the abrasive medium, which removes dirt. In the case of shot blasting, we use sharp broken metal which guarantees higher surface roughness. Shot blasting allows the use of paint coatings that will be used in difficult conditions.

Malcon offers modern methods of cleaning steel structures and metal, such as sand blasting. Our services guarantee high efficiency, adaptation to the surface data, and all of this taking into account all classes of sandblasting. We approach each client individually, selecting the most optimal sanding technology, abrasive material, and the way the entire service is run. We value the satisfaction of our clients, that’s why we care for every detail of the order. Use the best way to clean up corroded surfaces. Check the Malcon sandblasting offer and enjoy the effects we provide even to the most demanding customers.