Metallization (spray metallization)

Malcon offers surface spraying services of all types, not only those made out of steel.

Spray metallisation is a process used to apply metal coatings to bulky structures. We can not really submerge the bridge in a liquid metal bathtub. That’s why we have modern solutions that enable efficient and fast services in this area. Malcon offers surface spraying services of all types, not only those made out of steel.

We carry out orders using professional knowledge and specialized equipment with suitably qualified staff. We offer spray metallization at the highest level of quality that will satisfy every demanding customer. What is spray metallization? For what purpose are such solutions applied? See for yourself why you should trust us and use the metallization service.

What is spray metallization?

Metallization is a process, so it must follow strictly defined stages that will ensure the expected end result. Spray metallization consists of such steps as:

  • Securing the elements of a given structure
  • Preparation of the structure surfaces, eg by shot blasting
  • Mixing of metal powders in appropriate proportions to obtain a coating, ready to be applied to the structure
  • Spraying a metal coating in the form of a stream of particles on the surface of a given structure

The method of metallization offered by us can be used for all kinds of constructions or elements made of all materials, because it does not subject the material to additional stresses. We successfully use it for such materials as steel, plaster, concrete or even glass. Most often, metallization is used for bridges or large metal tanks.

Spray metallization – what methods do we offer?

Malcon offers thermal spraying of not only large objects, like bridges or other, sizeable constructions, but also smaller elements of objects or devices. We use special burners for metallization. A suitable heat source allows the coating to be spread and adhere to the surface. For this purpose, we use spray metallisation, depending on the type of heat source used, i.e. the burner. We offer such types of metallization as:

  • Flame spraying, in other words gas, we use to create a metal coating, through a sprayed material – a rod or powdered metal.

Flame spraying is recommended for most metal and ceramic materials, such as chromium oxide or aluminum oxide. The source of heat is in this case a combustible gas, i.e. hydrogen, propane or acetylene. To perform the service in this area, we use a metallization gun.

  • Arc spraying in which we use an electric arc. The temperature of the device is higher in this case than with the flame spray method.

The arc spray technique ensures high efficiency, which is why we recommend it for applying anti-corrosive coatings – aluminum and zinc, especially on large constructions. It is also perfect for regenerative coatings. The source of heat is a special electric arc.

  • Plasma spraying in which we use ionized gas through a low-temperature plasma stream.

The method allows you to melt virtually any metal that is in powder form. The source of heat is plasma gas, i.e. argon or nitrogen. Plasma spraying is used in industries such as metallurgy and energy. Also in the automotive and chemical industries, i.e. wherever high-quality coatings are required, which can not be obtained by high temperatures.
In the case of large steel constructions, such as bridges, we offer a service, which is zinc spray metallization, which consists of several important stages of operation:

  • Blast cleaning of steel constructions
  • Spray metallization – applying a metal coating to the surface of the structure
  • Sealing the spray coating by applying appropriate paint coatings

We provide our comprehensive services by using the appropriate zinc spray metallization equipment.

Price of spray metallization

Spray metallisation is a modern process for which we use techniques that give the expected results for this type of order. The price of spray metallization depends on many factors, such as:

  • The size of the object or structure
  • The type of object
  • Spray metallization technique used
  • Time constraints
  • Where the spray metallization service is to take place

We approach each project professionally and responsibly. The price of spray metallisation is therefore determined individually with each client, taking into account all relevant factors and customer needs.

Malcon offers comprehensive shower spraying services for steel structures. It’s easy to do spray metallization with the help of our specialists who will take care of each construction in a completely safe way. If you are looking for a professional service that will guarantee you performance, durability and the highest quality in every respect – use Malcon’s wide range today.