Duplex System

What exactly is the Duplex system? Why is this type of system used in industry? What distinguishes Malcon’s duplex system solutions?

The Duplex system guarantees modern and, above all, effective protection. Malcon is based on a Duplex system, which not only protects against corrosion, but also provides an aesthetic finish resulting in a specific color of the processed object.

Duplex is a successful combination consisting of galvanizing and painting. We offer a system in which zinc coating and paint coating perfectly complement each other, resulting in a high class end effect. Hot dip galvanizing and paint coating create an excellent protective layer of the object and can withstand many years of use, while at the same time being safe for the environment. Our solution lasts for years, and benefits from the additional protection to the top paint layer. By using our services, which incorporate the Duplex system, the customer receives a guarantee for:

  • Long-lasting anti-corrosion protection of elements
  • Protection based on a high quality system, including all environmental standards
  • Effectiveness even with hard to reach facilities and places
  • Extremely high mechanical strength
  • Aesthetic finish
  • An attractive selection of paint coating colors
  • Long life
  • Immediate readiness without drying
  • Full satisfaction with the service provided, all based on modern solutions

Zinc + Paint = Duplex

Zinc has protective properties, and the paint layer creates a barrier, so that together, these two techniques are the perfect combination.

It is thanks to the combination of these properties that the duplex system is so effective in how it works. Galvanizing and painting is durability guaranteed by Malcon. Only innovative solutions can meet all the requirements of modern industry.

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What are the advantages of the Duplex system?

Duplex has many advantages, that’s why for years we have been using it with structures that require special protection against corrosion and other factors, such as chemical or atmospheric agents. We provide highest level protection, investing in the Duplex system is money well spent. Malcon offers the Duplex system because:

  • Two complementary coatings – a zinc coating that protects against corrosion and a paint coating that protects zinc against the harmful effects of environmental factors
  • Huge aesthetic values of all constructions elements, choose any color of paint coatings
  • Minimization of maintenance needs of facilities, including reduction costs, thanks to strengthening of corrosion resistance, which ensures durability and protection for long years of use.

Stages of the duplex system

The duplex system offered by Malcon is based on several important stages. Each of them is a executed profesionally, which yields to high efficiency of the entire service. These steps are necessary to obtain the best end result and durable protection against corrosion and other factors to which the element is exposed. Our services include the Duplex system, which is divided into the following stages:

  • Securing and preparing the element for service
  • Application of zinc fire coating to the structure
  • Application of paint coating to the zinc coating

Using the Duplex system, we use spray painting at the stage of painting the structure. The fire zinc cover is covered by us with a selected paint coating, matching the color of the object and the expectations of our client. The paint layer applied by us protects the zinc against oxidation, thus extending the durability of the coating and the entire structure or object. At every stage we operate professionally, observing all safety standards and using the highest quality equipment and materials.

What is the duplex system used for?

We use the Duplex system not only for large constructions. Due to their popularity and effectiveness, such solutions are also suitable for all smaller objects, such as enclosures, garden furniture, fences or other elements of this type, which may be exposed to corrosion. Due to the different grades of steel used in joints of structural elements, the applied coatings may differ in both thickness and surface roughness. Therefore, we adapt the surface treatment individually to each order. And for zinc coatings, we adjust such paints so that the coats perfectly match each other and ensure high durability.

Duplex System at Malcon

Malcon offers a Duplex system as a modern solution for the protection of objects and structural elements. Its double features ensure customers complete satisfaction with the service provided and a long-lasting guarantee. Sites covered with coatings based on a Duplex system, enjoy an impeccable appearance for a long time, without traces of corrosion.

We provide double protection, which has many advantages, and is characterized by high durability and aesthetic values, which is everything that every client expects from us. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of services offered by Malcon, which focus on the highest quality.