Bitumen – advanced asphalt systems

Malcon offers bitumen, which is a mixture of organic substances used in the wider industry, including construction or mining.

Bitumen, as a mixture of organic substances, can take on different forms. It occurs in both liquid and solid form. We offer bitumen, which is the perfect bonding agent. Thanks to such materials, we ensure adequate insulation and tightness of the bonded elements. Our bitumen is used in construction, mining and road construction and maintenance. What is the use of bitumen? First of all, as an effective insulating and sealing agent. Bitumen gives the customer many possibilities of application. At the same time, it offers a huge number of advantages that affect the quality and durability the elements it is used with. Malcon offers bitumens that the customer can use as:

Construction protection

The main protective advantage is resistance to both high and low temperatures as well as harmful UV rays. Eliminating these factors prevents the element from aging.

Waterproofing of the structure

Bitumen is currently one of the best hydro-insulation materials. One of the best varieties of hydro-insulated bitumen is the mix of APP and SBS, which we also use.

Isolation of road and bridge construction

Due to the low reaction of bitumen to external factors, asphalt coatings have found application in the construction industry. Oxidized bitumen is unbreakable, and does not exhibit softening properties.

Decorative layers

The most frequently used decorative element are aesthetic bituminous roof tiles, which in the case of single-family houses pushed bitumen tar paper to the second place.

Base and asphalt

The mixture of suitable polymers gives the product in the form of a perfect undercoat or covering the dirt road that is resistant to all corrosion.

Sealing elements

Known as a watertight asphalt-like mass, bitumen perfectly seals non-welded structures that have undergone extensive corrosion.

Malcon offers a wide range of applications one of which being bitumen. We adapt all our bitumens to individual customer needs, requirements for a given structure or ground, and applicable standards. We only use modern solutions that are durable, effective and fully professional.

Types of Bitumen

We use bitumen most often in hydraulic engineering and road construction. It is a popular material used in all kinds of asphalt road repairs.

It cooperates with polymers and other materials, thanks to which they meet the standards of modern industry. We offer a wide range of highest quality bitumen, such as:

  • Building bitumen – we use different types of buildings or individual elements for insulation
  • Road bitumens – we use them in the construction and repair of roads, due to their high plasticity and fluid condition
  • Roofing bitumen – we use it for all roofing materials

We choose the type of bitumen for a given surface, so that it fulfills its role. We encourage you to take advantage of our full range of services.

bitumen - zaawansowane systemy asfaltowe

Advanced bitumen systems

Malcom offers advanced asphalt systems, such as bitumen. Bituminous materials are ideal for the construction of roads, airports, repairs of this type of surface and their hydro-corrosion protection. Bitumen has many valuable properties that should be taken advantage of. Our company offers you the advantages of using bitumen, such as:

  • Waterproofing
  • Corrosion protection
  • Plasticity during heating
  • Higher viscosity when cooling
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • High quality

We offer only high-quality asphalt systems that can be used in long-term facilities. Bitumen is an excellent surface material.

Why choose bitumen?

We recommend bitumen for road construction and renovation, because it has many properties that allow long and trouble-free operation of the surface. It’s worth using bitumen because:

  • It does not pollute the water, making it environmentally friendly
  • It shortens the time of construction or renovation of the surface
  • It can be covered with colorful layers
  • It is resistant to roots of plants, due to the lack of any nutrients for plants
  • Suitable for covering not only external surfaces, such as highways, but also for underground surfaces, such as underground parking lots or tunnels
  • It is not dependent on the air temperature, so it can be applied even at low air temperatures

Bitumen ensures proper functioning of the layer, so that the road surface can be used to its full extent. Welcome quality and modern, environmentally friendly solutions and take advantage of Malcon’s offer.

Bitumen – the best surface solution

Malcon offers bitumen as the best solution for road surfaces and other objects. We guarantee the highest quality, both in terms of service and the materials on which we work. Thanks to professional employees, each service is completed in accordance with customer requirements and applicable standards for road construction and renovation. We provide professionalism, satisfaction and durability of the surface for many years. Check out the full range of Malcon. See which bitumen would suit you best. We will advise and help you along the way. Thanks to professional staff and the use of top-shelf bituminous materials, we are able to cope with any surface.