About Malcon

It is the largest company in the region that deals in cleaning steel and steel structures as well as painting and drying the prepared elements.

We choose only modern solutions based on efficiency and effectiveness. We develop cleaning techniques to meet the expectations of broadly understood industry. See how effective our methods are and what you can gain by using our range of sevices, which include: cleaning, metallizing, sandblasting and painting steel, steel structures and other elements.

2017 – 2018

Malcon Sp. z o.o. began the construction of a new anti-corrosion plant in 2018

Projects and first orders were initiated at the beginning of the year. The new hall of our company will be over 4000 square meters. We will use a mechanical abrasive blasting machine there and the over 40 new jobs will be created.

Over the span of two years, we have started cooperation with such companies as: GGS TRADE, SANDC, IMPOSTAL, ZKS IMPOSTAL, STALKER, METALBARK, METALCYNK.

wejście - śrutowanie czyszczenie strumieniowo ścierne
Malcon malarnia
Śrutownia - czyszczenie konstrukcji stalowych

2015 – 2016

Malcon Sp. z o.o. is a relatively new company. Its origin began with the division of the service scope, thanks to which Malcon focuses only on anti-corrosion systems of the steel industry

Our goal was to create an anti-corrosion plant from the 21st century. Thanks to more than twenty years of experience after successful contracts, we managed to make the first plant with an area of ​​over 4,000 square meters.

Our idea is to use the latest technologies in paint-anti-corrosion systems. As one of the few companies in Europe, we started offering a full range of anti-corrosion services, ranging from cleaning, to coating the prepared elements.

Thanks to the trust of the largest contractors from all over Europe, we have started working on a 3-shift system, which means that our anti-corrosion plant works around the clock. In 2016, we began to prepare the ground for another investment in the form of a second plant to execute orders even faster.