Malcon offers corrosion protection that supports structures, extends their service life and ensures safety of use.


Shot blasting of steel and steel structures even up to Sa 3 class. We meet the highest needs of our clients.


We provide high quality spray applied paint coatings. We work 24h / 7 which is why we can offer high performance at the lowest possible cost of service.

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Welcome to Malcon Sp. z o.o.

We offer a wide range of professional corrosion protection, steel cleaning and high quality spray painting services.

Who are we?

Malcon’s main focus is corrosion protection of steel and steel structures. We carry out the entire process from shot blasting to paint drying.

We have a 4000 square meter hall in which the entire corrosion protection process takes place. We have an automatic abrasive blasting machine thanks to which the cleanliness class can reach Sa 3. We are able to transport the element directly to the other side of the hydrodynamic painting hall in mere moments.

Spray painting to a thickness of 120 microns on steel structures, or a 27 square metre pipe takes 3-4 minutes, after this stage is complete, the element enters the dryer, where the entire process comes to an end, and we give you a guarantee of 60 months for our services.

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High quality

We carry out orders requiring high precision and high quality, which is why we also offer anti-corrosive fire protection. We operate world-class equipment resulting in excellent protection of the processed elements.

Advanced technology

We do not outsource our work. We carry out the entire anti-corrosion process on our site, from cleaning to a finished, painted and dried element.

Innovative solutions

We use innovative, proprietary solutions. One of them is sharp broken grit used in abrasive blasting. We are a company with experience based on many European recipients.

Malcon - zakład antykorozyjny bydgoszcz
suszarnia elementów - Malcon

What do we offer?

  • Expert advice and paint coating tests
  • design of anti-corrosion painting systems
  • technical advice in the field of corrosion protection for our clients
  • supervision of anti-corrosion processes
  • supervision and preparation of processed surface

Full service

We provide a full range of inspection services. From basic, like painting systems selection, through supervision of all stages of painting (adjustment of painting pumps, surface preparation, humidity control, surface roughness, dew point temperature, application methods, layer thickness, drying times) to the final stage (pull-off tests, adhesion, plus full documentation). Our technical staff prides themselves on having the appropriate FROSIO and IBDiM certificates.

Credentials: IMO SOLAS II (equivalent to NACE II and FROSIO III) issued by Gdańsk University of Technology under the patronage of DNV

Our anti-corrosion plant

Our offer

Malcon Sp. z o.o. offers professional, fully customizable anti-corrosion protection of steel structures. No challenge is too great. We have modern equipment to perform services on a large scale. Our company works 3 shifts, thanks to which we offer the shortest possible waiting time for the tasks entrusted to us.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Malcon Sp. z o.o. The most important services can be found to the side of this text, and in the case you have questions we offer our help and knowledge.

Opinions of many of the largest satisfied contractors in the industry allowed us to gain the trust of smaller entrepreneurs. Our company is characterized by the innovativeness of the technologies used, excellent quality and a 5-year warranty.

Anti-corrosion protection

Steel constructions, metals or products such as steel pipes corrode under the influence of external factors. Over time, all steel rusts and suffers sediment fouling, which means that it is necessary to carry out anti-corrosion protective coating.

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Shot blasting

Thanks to the best abrasive material, which is a sharp, broken shot, we offer abrasive blast cleaning to the highest class of surface processing – Sa3.


Depending on the element, the appropriate method of cleaning should be selected. When removing rust from small elements, we offer highly effective sandblasting.

Duplex System

Duplex System is an innovative service provided by Malcon Sp. z o.o. which consists of galvanizing and then painting the element. Thanks to this solution, the coating is flexible and highly resistant.


To meet your expectations, we perform spray metallization of all kinds of large-size constructions as well as smaller devices and elements.


The spray station provides an excellent corrosion protective topcoat. You have all the colors of RAL to choose from. The price of the service depends on the client’s guidelines.


We recommend bitumen for road construction and renovation, because it has many properties that allow long and trouble-free operation of the surface.